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NuFlo Measurement Systems 14450 John F. 9A, Rev. meter is available in a 5,000-psi standard model and a 10,000-psi high-pressure model.

The user can enter a linear K-factor or a multi-point calibra-tion factor (1 to 12 points allowed). When combined with a NuFlo turbine meter, the MC-II PlusEXP becomes an accurate system for nuflo turbine meter manual the measurement and display of instantaneous flow rate and volume. Continue reading "NUFLO Gas Turbine Meters". The NuFlo™ Liquid Turbine Flowmeter (Figure 1) is a rugged versatile sensor capable of handling a wide variety of liquids including many types of slurries and suspensions. nuflotm mc-iii exp flow analyzer part serial for installation & operation info, see manual part no. 56 pulses per actual cubic foot (PACF). It offers an output frequency that has a linear relationship to gas velocity over a wide flow range. This flow meter together with a turbine flow meter represents the flow rate of the personalized battery tool with the NuFlo MC-II flow analyser.

Remove the upstream and downstream vanes and rotor. Flanged Connections Turbine flow meters with flanged end connections are The viscosity range can be anywhere between 3 to 7000 Liters per hour. warning: do not open when an explosive atmosphere may be present. Remove the retainer rings from each end of the housing. NUFLO turbine flow meters indicate flow rate and measure total throughput of a liquid line.

To ensure that the flange never comes alive with the fluid method, slip flanges are welded to the outside of the meter. The flowmeter contains a. Media cam resources nuflo-ez-in-series-turbine-flow-meter. It is imperative that product owners and operation personnel read and follow the information contained in this manual to ensure that the turbine meter is installed correctly and is operating according to the design, certifications and safety considerations. NuFlo turbine flowmeters indicate flow rate and measure total throughput of a liquid line. Click to any lookup part under Nuflo Measurement Systems, they will show you detail information consist of part number, model code, price and description for your reference to easy making your purchasing budgetary. Overview NUFLO GT gas turbine flowmeters feature a transducer that utilizes a lightweight, low-inertia rotor to sense gas velocity. The MC-II microprocessor system includes a pulsed flow meter, converts data by calibration settings, and displays full data in two six digit LCDs.

The unit of measure for volume is to be cubic meters. Calibration Information • A NuFlo 2-in. 5mpa - temperature: max 250f 121c min -20f -29c the ez-in series between-flange turbine flowmeter measures flow stream volume in flanged pipelines by transmitting electrical pulses to readout instruments. Houston, TX 77032 www. Align the meter bore with the pipe, ensuring that the direction of flow corresponds with the direction of the arrow engraved on the meter body. What is turbine flow meter for custody transfer? These flowmeters are typically used in liquid petroleum products.

Authorised Distributor -NuFlo DP Cone Meters, Turbine Meters and TotalizersAuthorized Distributor Nuflo,Turbine Flow meters,Flow Instrumentation,Measuring & Inspecting,,Authorized distributor Nuflo UAE,Authorized distributor Nuflo Saudi arabia,Authorized distributor Nuflo Kuwait,Authorized distributor Nuflo Oman. have male threads. The turbine flow meter for crude oil is a measurement object specifically for the liquids and petrochemical industry. Nuflo Measurement Systems Parts. The MC-II’s microprocessor circuitry counts the pulses generated by a companion flowmeter, converts that data. 9A, Rev. 2 Flow conditioning typically requires the use of a combination of straight pipe and flow conditioning elements that are inserted in the meter run upstream (and downstream, if flow through the meter is bidirectional) of the turbine meter (e. NUFLO GT gas turbine flowmeters feature a transducer that utilizes a lightweight, low-inertia rotor to sense gas velocity.

With the capacity to record up to 384 daily flow logs, 768 hourly logs, and 345 event logs,. 1) packs a full spectrum of gas and liquid measurement functionality, high-speed performance, and log archive and retrieval capabilities in an easy-to-use, explosion-. The shaft is supported at each end in tungsten carbide bearings. The meter factor is 72. This product line of ITT Barton has grown and developed alongside the requirements of the international oil & gas and process control industries.

The EZ-IN turbine flow meter sequence is a cost-effective solution for typical flanged meters. of swirl and non-uniform velocity profiles on turbine meter performance. This is a kind of an indirect volume meter for measuring the volume of the crude oil. Turbine menu, a user can change the K-factor or select a different turbine meter.

NUFLO MC-III WP Flow Analyzer Cameron’s NUFLO TM MC-III WP Flow Analyzer offers state-of-the art liquid and gas measurement with data logging and Modbus® communications in an easy-to-use weatherproof totalizer. • Before installing the meter, clean all upstream lines. This instrument plays a pivotal role in petroleum industries. The Hoffer CT Series turbine flowmeters provide extremely accurate custody transfer grade flow measurement in a rim rotor design. Consequently, the pulses are read by the readout equipment.

viscosity compensation mv series helical turbine meters. high-range gas turbine meter will be used to measure nuflo turbine meter manual gas flow with an average flowing • • • • • pressure of 120 PSIG and an average flowing temperature of 50°F. Cameron Nuflo LT flowmeters is the most used liquid turbine meter worldwide. 7 NuFlo Liquid Turbine Flowmeters 2. The meter tracks the flow rate continuously, offers little resistance to flow, and has a unique cartridge design. Grooved Connections Flow meters with grooved end connections are avail-able in 7/8-in.

Page 100: EXP Computer NUFLO 9AUser Manual - MC-III Parts List (ATEX). 1) packs a full spectrum of gas nuflo turbine meter manual and liquid measurement. What is axial flow turbine meter?

All meter sizes other than the 2-in. Series 1500 Liquid Turbine Meter Manual,. Turbine Meter Company supplies a large range of Barton flowmeters. Remove the K-factor tag from the meter, if present. This series is recommended for flow applications where high resolution (pulse count) is critical in order to achieve custody transfer grade accuracy.

Link to product manual: : CAMERON. The MC-III EXP can be packaged with a NUFLO or BARTON® 7000 Series gas or liquid turbine meter and nuflo turbine meter manual a suitable CSA or ATEX approved adapter and shipped straight from the factory, ready for installation. We sell scanners, flowmeters, preamplifiers, gas and liquid turbine meters and more.

NPT Male & Female. The NuFlo Measurement Systems Model MC-II Flow Analyzer receives an electronic pulse train from a flow meter and provides a registration of totalized flow and an indication of flow rate by utilization of its microprocessor-based circuitry. ii 2 gd aaaa ex d iic t6 gb (-40°c to 70°c) or ex td a21 ip66 t85°c (-40°c to 70°c) sira 10atex1264x iecex sir10.

What is a turbine flow meter for crude oil? They were rugged and field-proven. These axial turbines bear a similarity with underwater propellers; however, they are capable of rotating with the fluid flow. EZ-IN® Series BF Turbine Flowmeter Manual 4 Installation Precautions The EZ-IN® Series BF Turbine Flowmeter can be installed vertically or horizontally as long as the flow direction appearing on the meter body is the same as the direction of flow in the line.

Each Daniel turbine meter is comprised of a cylindrical housing that contains a precise turbine rotor assembly. A magnetic pickup senses the rotor blades as they pass and generates an electrical (sine wave) signal. long with 3/4 in. CAMERON™ EZ-In Turbine Turbine Meters. The NuFlo Liquid Turbine Flowmeter (Figure 1) is a rugged versatile sensor capable of h and ling a wide variety of liquids including many types of slurries and suspensions.

Remove the magnetic pickup or protect it to prevent damage. Flanged NUFLO meters are made from carbon or slip-on steel or single-block stainless steel flanges. 2 Hazard messages.

Be sure rotor is free to spin before placing meter in flow line. The NuFlo Measurement Systems Model MC-II PlusEXP Flow Analyzer provides a continuous display of flow rate and accumulated volume of liquids and gases. The first turbine meters were developed in 1957 by NUFLO™. The flowmeter may be installed in any orientation (vertical, horizontal, etc. Axial Flow Turbine Meters are mechanical devices which are used to measure the flow of liquids that have a low viscosity. As liquid ˜ows through the meter and over the rotor, the rotor turns at a speed that is directly proportional to the ˜ow rate.

Nuflo Measurement Systems provide information up to 34 component parts for your lookup. Maintain Flow Run Menu From the Maintain Flow Run menu, a user can change an orifice plate size, cone meter or averaging pitot tube parameters, cone meter factors,. NUFLO turbine ˜ow meters indicate ˜ow rate and measure total throughput of a liquid line. Flowmeter Installation Install the NuFlo™ Liquid Turbine Flowmeter as follows. The NuFlo* WECO* 1502 Liquid Turbine Flowmeter (Figure 1) is a rugged, versatile sensor capable of handling a wide variety of liquids, including many types of slurries and suspensions.

As the liquid moves through the meter Nuflo LT is able to pick up the flow rate using a magnetic sensors which enables the meter to generate an electric signal. NUFLO Scanner ® microEFM Hardware User Manual Manual No. One or two magnetic pickoffs are mounted in a boss on the meter body. Series Turbine Meters,1. utilizing the smith meter upc compensator with helical rotor turbine meters.

com North America:HoustonCalgary). acculert smart pre-amp for turbine meter diag. Inputs Turbine Meter. The NuFlo™ MC-III™ EXP Flow Analyzer (Figure 1.

turbine meters for crude oil measurement. As liquid flows through the meter and over the rotor, the rotor turns at a speed that is directly proportional to the flow rate. NUFLO turbine meters of ITT Barton have an excellent reputation. Calibration Calibrating the MC-III EXP is as easy as entering the calibration factor of the flow meter and selecting the desired units of. INSTRUCTIONS Preparing for Installation 1. The totalized flow and flow rate are displayed on two six-digit liquid crystal displays (LCD&39;s).

B NuFloTM Turbine Flowmeter. The flowmeter contains a rotor secured to a tungsten carbide shaft. The NuFlo MC-II Flow Analyzer combines with a turbine flowmeter to provide an accurate display of accu-mulated flow volume and flow rate of liquids and gases in a simple-to-use, battery-powered instrument. NuFlo Flowmeter Repair Kits—3/8 in.

Nuflo turbine meter manual

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